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Compatible with all major brands

Your insulin pen just got smart.

Insulog snaps onto any disposable insulin pen to display your
last intake and record them all on your phone.
You can only make decisions on what you know, and Insulog puts you in control.

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Keeping track of your insulin use is tedious if you manage to do it at all.

Not anymore, meet Insulog.

The right dose every time

Stop wondering how much
you administered and when.
Just take a peek at Insulog
and your phone.

Take better care of yourself

You need the right information
to make the right decisions.

Sync your data

The app also connects to your
BGM so that everything is in one place.

Accurate data

Stop the guesswork.
All your insulin usage is logged
and available for review.

Improve your A1C

Not just a better day to day
experience but long term
health improvements.

Update your health care team

Easily keep health experts updated
and in the loop with a few taps
on your phone.

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Improve your quality of life in a snap.

Insulog trains you to treat yourself more accurately.

Multi sensor

Automatically detects amount of insulin administered


Connects to app via latested bluetooth tech (BLE)


Charged via micro-USB and stays charged for days. Even longer in standby mode.

Displays last intake

Track amounts and times of last administered insulin.





Compatible with all major

insulin pen brands

App features

Keep Track

Of your administered insulin units.
Integrate your glucose monitor and
fine-tune your treatments.


Insulog plays nice and integrates
with all health kits and apps.
Use APIs to get different views
of your patterns.

Easily Sync

What you want with your
healthcare tracker.

Medical harmony

Keeps doctors updated on health
status and get medical advice from

For diabetics by diabetics.

We made Insulog to improve the lives of other diabetics,
and seeing their quality of life improve inspires us to keep going.

Because “I think so” isn’t good enough when it comes to your health.
Protect yourself from making potentially life threatening mistakes.

Insulog uses patent pending technology.

We’re now live on indiegogo-logo


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